3D printer meetup at BUDA::lab


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3D printer meetup at Buda::lab (free)

Welcome to the 3D printer enthusiasts meetup!
Saturday 24th November 10:00-16:00

We gather 3D print enthusiasts and our projects to meet and socialise at our casual event.
Exchange knowledge, and work on your 3D printer projects. Do you have a cool printer you want to show off? Have an unfinished printer laying in your closet that you never get to complete? Now is your excuse to bring it out and get motivated! Never seen a 3D printer before and want to know about it? You can come ask questions and see 3D printing demonstrations live.

Location: Buda::lab makerspace in Kortrijk.

This event is great for
People who own 3D printers
People who are curious about 3D printing
People who do business in 3D printing
3D artists
Anybody who wants to come regardless of reason

Want to bring a 3D printer, 3D printed parts or show off a relevant project? You can attend as long or as short as you want. Please send an email to skyfish.art@gmail.com telling us what you are bringing, and for how long you plan to attend so we can get an idea of the space we need.

Want to promote your business? Promotional material and selling of some products are allowed, but please ask first by sending an email to skyfish.art@gmail.com

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